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how can i stop redirecting url in codeigniter

how can i stop redirecting url in codeigniter

how can i stop redirecting url in codeigniter

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Do's and Don’ts of a Resume

Do's and Don’ts of a Resume

Job search in the modern world has become quite competitive these days. Therefore, it is most important to catch the recruiter’s attention amongst so many eligible candidates.

The resume is the first impression for all the recruiters so it is important to improve the look of the resume to attract them. Unique and attractive resume stand out alone in the success of the interview.

Resume must be easier to read and it is necessary to be kept across appropriate length for the work experiences. In fact, you need to submit the attractive resume for showing your ability to the recruiter in the clear form and this will help you to convey your abilities without any confusion.

Resume must not be understated in its ability to get you a job and thus writing a good resume is quite important to impress the recruiter in a more efficient manner.

Below are some of the Dos and Don’ts in the resume that you need to follow:


  • Customizing Your Resume:

You need to tailor-made your document according to every position when you apply for different jobs. Edit it by highlighting the relevant qualification experience, as well as the important information that is more related to the job that you are applying for. Normally, the Employers use the screening software for scanning the documents for keywords which helps them to easily follow job listing based on the phrasing.

  • Highlighting Most Relevant Experiences:

Resume writing should offer a different version according to each of the role that you apply for with a target position. The resume needs to demonstrate the specific set of skills, accomplishments, and experience necessary for particular job. Therefore, it will make quite easier for the hiring manager or recruiter to easily know about the quality of the person who fits in.

  • Show Off Tech Skills:

The resume can be accurately summarized using software and technologies. It is necessary to show off about the tech skills to the recruiters which would be beneficial for providing the best impression to the recruiters.

  • Highlighting Your Achievements:

Listing your achievements or past positions is the most important part of the resume. Mention all the projects that you have worked upon in your career. The recruiter would know about the individual capabilities after viewing the highlighted points in an easy manner.

  • Optimize For Applicant Tracking Systems:

Applicant Tracking Systems are suitable these days for getting rid of the unqualified applicants. Applicant Tracking Systems can scan the resume for the contextual keywords as well as the phrases. So optimise the resume according to these tracking systems.


  • Don't Put Personal Information:

It is not best to display the personal information on the Resume such as photo, height, marital status, religious affiliation or Social Security number. You must not be exposing yourself conscious and unconscious bias.

  • Worry About  Exact Dates:

You may not remember the exact day you started job previously and it is quite difficult to say about them in the least manner. You may instead use the starting month and year of the previous job for more surety during the interview.

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How to Build a Mentally Healthy Working Culture

How to Build a Mentally Healthy Working Culture

In general, mental health is one of the most important aspect to be taken care within the organization because employees with mental health issues can create a lot of problems in the work functioning.

When it comes to creating healthy working environment it is important to provide appropriate support to your employees for managing your organizational needs.

Obviously, there are different things that happen around in an office or organization through which workers have to deal in any case. And this may lead to various mental health problems including stress, depression, anxiety etc. These kinds of problems can inhibit the performance and activities of employees and thus leading to the complications at their workplace.

Overall, mental health issues are also considered as the major cause and common aspects of long-term absence from work. If you need to get your work done in an effective manner you should focus on the needs of your employees and especially you should pay close attention to their mental health.

Periodically you should consult them individually regarding their concerns and as a result this will promote good mental health practices. To build a mental health working culture you just need to follow below steps and then everything will go as smooth as you want in your organisation:

1. Meaningful Participation

Research shows that your active participation supports a lot to develop a mental health strategy at your workplace. It is essential and considered as the most important step to initiate the process towards success. Employees and staffs should also be invited to participate in the implementation and the development. Normally employees own the changes. Once the plan is implemented then the strategy will be relevant to cover the specific needs as well as requirements of the workplace.

2. Leadership:

Currently, it is also crucial that employers or workers should recognize the fact that mental health is just as important as physical health. So leaders should educate themselves at the same time inform staff regarding the mental conditions including anxiety as well as depression. Even it is also important to speak openly about mental health with their personal experience. Making mental health issue a normal talk in the workplace will create a great atmosphere. This will make employees feel comfortable to speak with their manager regarding any mental health issue or the associated problems.

3. Open Communication:

Proper communication is one of the most important things within the organization. In general, communication will help and support to break down the barriers within an organization. In addition to this addressing mental health as well as wellbeing is also contributing to stigma. Ongoing communication plays important role in the organizations to develop and implement the mental health strategy for their employees.

If you need to bring changes in your organization you should focus on these factors that are crucial to ensure the success of the mental health plans at various workplaces. Overall, these are the important steps that can help ensure the workplace mental health by reducing stress and mental health risks.

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Skills You Need To Succeed At Work

Skills You Need To Succeed At Work

We are living in a constantly changing world. Due to these changes, the expectations from the
workforce is also gradually altering at an exceptional rate. Skills have become quite a necessary
tool to become successful at your workplace.

In the previous years, people used to work for many years in a single job but now candidates are
switching to another job within three to five years time. The skills required for the successful
career are also gradually changing.

Some of the important skills which lead to the successful career of the candidates are given

Adaptive Thinking: This skill involves finding a solution for the unexpected situation.

This kind of situation may take place either in lower-skill roles or technical or high-skill
professional roles. Adaptive thinking is regarded as the premium skill set for the next
coming decades. It is as different as preparing a new dish from available ingredients or
writing a believable legal argument.

Computational Thinking: This term is relatively new and it is considered to be the
highly precious skill among the education researchers and computer scientists. Numerous
job roles will need computational thinking skill to make sensible information. By
cultivating this skill, the workers might get in the good lists of their employers. This skill
requires the in-depth understanding of the models and work methodology.

Cross-cultural competence: It does not only denote the ability to work in varying
cultural or linguistic setting, but among a group of people involving different generations
or people with diversified working styles and skills. Diversity is regarded as the
indispensable competency for the businesses in the coming decades. Employees with
diversified teams can identify & communicate their needs among others to build a
healthy relationship.

 Trans-Disciplinary: The global problems which are arising in today’s organizations are
too complex to solve by the single discipline. In order to solve the multifaceted issues,
one needs trans-disciplinary skill. The upcoming workers should have an in-depth
understanding of the specific field and also they have to cultivate the capability to
communicate in various languages to solve issues of wider disciplines. It requires the
willingness and sense of curiosity to learn far beneath the formal education.

New-Media literacy: The workers must be fluent to access all forms of media including
videos, blogs and other products which dominate the social life in the workplace. By
having this skill, they are considered to be comfortable in creating & presenting their
visual information easily and effortlessly.

Social Intelligence: It is an important skill which offers the ability to link with others in a
direct and deep way, to sense & stimulate reactions as well as desired interactions.
Workers who are employed socially will be able to evaluate the emotions of others who
are around them and consider their tones, words & gestures for the company’s benefit. It
is known to be the most essential skill for workers which can make them able to build
and team up a relationship of trust with others. And it is highly important when you
mingle with large groups of people in various settings.

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Top 5 HR Questions/Answers in Interviews

Top 5 HR Questions/Answers in Interviews

Are you preparing for the upcoming job interview? If the answer is a “Yes” than it is most important for you to be prepared for each question that may come through your way during the interview.

You must be prepared with the job interview questions that are quite common, as most hiring managers expect you to answer everything smoothly even without any hesitation.

There is no need to memorize everything for the answers but you should be prepared for giving on the spot reasoning for the asked queries.

Normally, your responses in the interview needs to be stronger so you need to prepare in advance and know about the effectiveness of the interview.

Preparing for the interview questions could be more challenging and it is most important to get the favour of the HR. Below are the simple and commonly asked questions that you can read to boost your confidence during the next interview.

Tell me something about yourself?

For this question, don’t tell about your favourite hobbies, playing video games or health issues. Provide a brief overview of yourself and it must not be more than two minutes. Tell about the experience and background related to the position. You can also tell about accomplishments that you have felt good about and how have you planned to prepare for the position.

For Example:

"I have 5 years of industry experience in advertisement and spent 2 years at Production Manager at ABC Corp with overseeing schedules, deadlines, and staff hiring. I know how to streamline the workflow and I find myself able to meet the deadline for every project. Sincerity and Time management are my greatest skills. I'm sure that I can easily transfer my ability into the Production Manager position that you are offering”

Why should we hire you?

This question mainly brings you the chance to wow HR by highlighting the reel. The answer needs to be summarized as the top three or four best reasons for hiring you. It is necessary to have strong reasons for the memorable description to tell the list of twelve strengths.

  • Industry experience

  • Experience in performing tasks

  • Technical skills

  • Soft skills

  • Key accomplishments

  • Awards/Accolades

Why are you looking for the change?

Emphasize your answer with the positive reasons targeting the job in the organization. You could also refer to specific tasks, work, employer, company and culture with your skills and interests. Focus on potential employer subtly with redirecting the conversation from previous work experience into strong potential.

What is your strength/weakness?

When it comes to strengthening your speech, you need to be specific on explaining the skills that identify your strength. Divide your strength into three categories such as

  • Knowledge-based skills

  • Transferable skills

  • Personal traits

For weakness, don’t say answers that could eliminate you from consideration for the job.

Why Did You Quit Your Job?

HR likes to ask this question as it would reveal more about the person.

  • Did you leave the position on voluntarily or have you got fired?

  • Do you have good terms with the company?

  • Do you have a valid reason for quitting your job?

Alter your responses accordingly after reviewing suggested responses below

For example:

I quit my job due to retirement of the supervisor and I felt that after years of working it was the time for a change. It also seems to be an ideal time for moving on.  

I didn't find the room to grow my talent with my previous employer.

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