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Magento 2 Interview Questions

  • 1 In which directory we can write our own custom module in Magento2

  • 2 In which directory we write our own custom module in Magento2

     If we need to create our own module e.g Hello World then we define it in

    app/code folder. It will be app/code/VendorName/moduleName.

    e.g : app/code/Letsknowit/Hello_world.

  • 3 From where in admin panel we can enable/disable cache

    Admin->System->Tools->Cache Management

  • 4 What is the command to enable/disable a module in Magento2

    php bin/magento module:enable module_name

    php bin/magento module:disable module_name

  • 5 Which method a controller loads by default in Magento2

     execute method

    public function execute()