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7 Myths of Work-Life Balance: Analysis and Optimized Solutions to get over it

7 Myths of Work-Life Balance: Analysis and Optimized Solutions to get over it

Work-life balance is not a recent concept and it refers to the situation where a person breathes his/ her regular source of income and equally takes off some time to relax and re-energize into social life and family. 


Well as much this concept is difficult for working people to comprehend, on simpler terms work-life balance calls for creativity, passion and a contemporary way of thinking. Corporate life sometimes brings it to 10 hours instead of committed 8 ones. 

This is the point where committed employees need to understand the algorithm and procedure to find their own ways. They really need to break the myth that has been created for ages. 

Let's discuss the 7 myths of work-life balance and also understand how to ease it out:

Attaining Balance

As practical it sounds, it would be great if we would have attained balance or if it could have existed. Well, that is the biggest misconception everyone has, regarding work-life balance.

As much as one tries, it bleeds out to bring a proper balance in personal and professional life. Just because we chalk down the list of activities for the day, doesn’t make us organized or balanced. Famous Entrepreneurs and leaders have boiled this concept down to one thing called Integration.

It explains about treating each compartment of our life not in sections but as a whole. For example, you are waiting for your kid at the school to take him back home. You can make any urgent formal/ informal calls until he arrives. So you get your time with your child when you drive him back home. 

Unless you are happy and content with your life outside the office, you can never be productive and energized at your workplace.

Sectioning Life

Why do you have to split your day into two halves or into 8-8-8 hour blocks for dedicated tasks? This kind of mentality of setting off eight hours at work, eight for sleep, and eight for leisure and social activities builds a difficult chain of network in your mind. 

Practically, it is not possible to divide time like this. Because there would be a day when your work overpowers this distribution of hours and some days it could be 3-4 hours to deploy. What about the other activities? Were you able to bring a balance to such kind of equilibrium?

Instead of this, try to devote your time to current priorities. There is a deadline approaching, then you must give enough time for that. You may miss out a bit with your personal space, but once the quality of work is over, you get ample time to distribute it with your family and friends. 


Let's consider you have scheduled yourself for each activity you planned for the day. Exercise, time for inner peace, my work, family, hobbies and everything. But when one of the sections needs more dedication, you tend to make a sacrifice for the other section. 

Learn one thing: It's not mandatory to take up everything you have in the count and make it happen. Sometimes you have to give up a few things to pursue what you have been missing and that is needed at that particular hour of the day. As early as you realize this, you understand what are the unnecessary stuff you need to cut out from your life.

Time Management

I’m all up for time management. I understand the concept and voluntarily take this up for not putting it onto the pedestal or work-life balance show. 

Unplugging yourself and being selective is critical and important to know how I should spend my time. This makes you aware of spending the right amount of time with the right person.


Technology will add Hours

If artificial intelligence and automation could have added hours to life and comfort, you would have not taken out your time to read this, rather feed it into yourself. 

No, Because we are human beings and we need to physically demonstrate the art of presenting our thoughts and views. All I can suggest to you or enlist you with answers, but it's your gifted brain that has to work and use its decision-making abilities into work. 

Technology is just there to assist you. But it doesn’t stay literally. You do have to put in more efforts to optimize it. In other words, technology is an assist. But it’s not going to do everything literally. You still need to put in your time and effort.


Early Birdie Theory

People call out themselves as 100% productive when they get up in the morning, bright and early and make theories about how to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

That kind of thing, never works in this practical world. Some are productive and feel more concentrated at night. When you start to believe such a thing, you start to put all your priority-based work early in the morning. In the long term, that burns out and makes you feel like a loser. 

Always understand the hour of peak productivity. If you are more focused and feel more alert and productive at 11 AM or 1 AM, go for it. This will make you more self-satisfied and relaxed instead of stressing out yourself. 

Off-Hours = No Work Hours

Leading Entrepreneurs and business people do not have time for their luxuries or fun. Sometimes the call of work rings right amidst the busy traffic or through a vacation. And some of us do enjoy our world so much that we can't just turn it off because we are not at work. 


Never try to stick it up to the boundaries. Feel the zone and if you want to work, then go ahead with it. Never demoralize yourself by feeling guilty of tuning out work during that moment.            


Balance is about stasis: The moment you start to process that everything is perfect and I will make sure my work goes good, it gets worse over time. This makes you believe that your work is bad, and life is good. And it's not your fault. We have always been taught that we lose ourselves in work but find ourselves in life.


But nobody tried to break the process of balancing the burden of work with the lightness of life.

This doesn't mean that work is the opposite of life. It is just a part of life like your friend's breakfast, your community, etc. Just because the more we think of it as an inherent bad in need of a counterweight, we lose the hope of its better and happier possibilities.


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Saurabh Ojha

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