Covid19 Pandemic: changing the way we learn

Covid19 Pandemic: changing the way we learn

The pandemic Coronavirus has led to worldwide changes and disrupted our way of living.

Every sector seems to be under the grasp of the pandemic, from economy, travel and hospitality, healthcare, education, etc.

The students around the world have also been under lockdown, along with their education.

Globally Schools, colleges, universities, and training institutes are shut since the outbreak.

In India, the lockdown was imposed in March and it has been more than 3 months now that the education system is on hold.

While technology has opened doors digital education, but the crisis brought in by Coronavirus might reshape the formal education system around the world.

With the scientist and healthcare workers fighting against the time to find a vaccine and treating the infected, the lockdown further seems to be indefinite for now.

Here are three ways of how the coronavirus had impacted the Formal Education.


There are various schools, colleges, and universities who have been already using the digital classroom as their progressive approach to the new era of education, it became a resort for the students and teachers to continue with their ongoing classes.

Some apps have made learning interactive for students and helped the teachers to maintain the classroom like environment as much as possible. But there is still a long way to go to make education dependent completely on technology.

The use of technology may open doors for the ones who are fortunate enough to have access to prerequisite requirements but will also increase the digital divide and discrimination.

Higher Education

The coronavirus pandemic has put a pause on higher education, students forced to stay home.

Higher education has always invited lots of students from different cultures and backgrounds around the world, and due to this pandemic, most of them have flown back to their families to their homeland.

The pandemic has made everyone thing what will be the future of higher education post Coronavirus.

There is a high possibility that students might prefer to opt for distance online learning over flying across and pursuing higher education.

There might be a high number of online courses available offered by the universities than they offered before the pandemic.

Competitive exams being postponed and there are no specific dates announced yet because of the uncertainty of the spread of the Covid19, the admission process is also on hold. 

Innovative new ways

Every crisis that the world has faced, it has invited in the chance for innovation and new inventions.

The education system may also be in for a new innovative turn for good.

While we are all aware that the existing education system has been century-old practice and has been slow to change, the post-pandemic days will lead the schools, colleges, universities, and training institutes to adapt to the change swiftly.

They will have to come up with ways to keep their students, teachers, and staff safe being in contact with the Covid19.

Students and teachers might see a different set of rules and regulations implemented for their safety, like a compulsion of face masks and sanitizers.

The campuses will have to sanitized on a regular basis.

While most of the country is unlocking and people are trying to live their lives as normally as they can along with fighting the constant battle with the Covid19, Learners and teachers are yet waiting for things to go back to normal for them.

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