Ever heard the term work from home? I bet you did! Working from home means that you don't need to go to the office, you can simply work from the comfort of your home. It is one of the fastest emerging trends in this world today. Working from home with your utmost comfort might sound really appealing. But you won't believe that it has many disadvantages as well, which we often tend not to notice. Nowadays, most of the sectors are providing the facility of work from home, but in the end, it depends on the individual which way is more comfortable for him or her. Still, there's no doubt about the fact that everything comes with its own pros and cons. So here's a list of the pros and cons associated with working from home.

Pros Of Working From Home

  1. Balanced Life

The best part about working from home is that you can effectively balance your professional and personal life. Usually, working individuals used to suffer from a lack of personal life, but this is totally cut off when it comes to working from home. Even an individual can focus on their health, family, and personal activities accompanied by their professional work at the same time.

  1. Cuts Of Expenses

The traditional expenses associated with going to the office are totally wiped out here. You don't have to pay for the transportation expenses. Some people, when they are in the office, they have their meals out; for them, they are saving by heating at home.

  1. Working In Your Comfort Area

The best part about working from home is that you can work in your own comfort zone. You don't need to change or get ready. You can spot your favourite area and can work from there. Even if it doesn't have to be your home as well, you can just go to a restaurant, have a cup of coffee, and can continue with your work. You necessarily don't have to sit tight in a place and just work formally.

  1. New Opportunities

The greatest advantage of working from home is that it has completely removed the barrier of reallocation. A person doesn't necessarily need to be present in the city to get a job and work. You can sit in a dense forest and can still work for an MNC. Even some families who had orthodoxy issues have even allowed their children to work from home and because of this, rare talent doesn't get wasted. Even a person can apply for abroad and in different cities, which doesn't necessarily need reallocation.

  1. Flexibility Of Hours

The flexibility of work and time is a thing that really benefits people working from home. If you have some guests over or maybe you are out somewhere, you can complete your task before the end of the day because there are no time boundations, and you can work according to your own will.

Cons Of Working From Home

As we all know that everything comes with its own price to pay; indeed, working from home has its own pros and cons, which we might neglect in our short-term goals, but it would definitely affect our lives when it comes to long-term things.

  1. Lack Of Concentration

The sole idea of working from the office was just that people could come out of their comfort zones and concentrate on work. No doubt about the fact that when you are at home, an amount of laziness is there constantly, which leads to a lack of concentration. Your personal life is going on parallel, making it even worse to concentrate.

  1. Not Defined Working Hours

This is one of the greatest issues of working from home. Though working hours are defined but due to our carefree attitude of being at home, what usually happens is that we aren't able to complete our task in the mentioned hours. That's why in most of the cases, people end up working for more than the prescribed hours. It really becomes a tiresome and lengthy task. Whereas when a person is in office, he/she can concentrate better and can finish it during the prescribed timings.

  1. Unnecessary Stress

Working from home often leads to unnecessary stress because of communication issues. When you are in the office, tasks are somewhere down the line; really easy to get it done as we have people around us to help us through. Even if you've made a mistake, things can be sorted out within no time. But in work from home, you aren't around anyone; you have to deal with it alone, whether they are issues or mistakes.

  1. Mental Health

The long-term issue of working from home is that a person's mental health is affected badly. When you are working from the office, even if you are in a bad mood, you go to the office, meet and greet people, and your mood lifts up. You have a proper schedule and limited working hours with proper guidance, which leads to a good mental health!

  1. Unmonitored Work

When you are in an office, you tend to be in a formal, disciplined setting. But when you are at your home, you live off your own will, which usually leads to a lot of breaks and laziness. When a person is aware of the fact that he/ she is monitored, then they tend to work more and that to effectively in less time.

Hence we can say that whatever we do, we have and it’s pros and cons handy. But no doubt about the fact that the working from home trend has definitely changed the dynamics of the working culture. Though it has removed a lot of barriers and increased a lot of opportunities as well, but, in the parallel universe, it has definitely challenged the basics of work which may have a long-term impact on the working culture. No doubt it totally depends on the individual how he/she looks at things and makes them work!

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Ranjeet Singh

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