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Why 50% IT professionals quit learning new technologies mid-way

Why 50% IT professionals quit learning new technologies mid-way

The Indian IT rapidly emerging tools and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain.The Big tech companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro to setup Center of Excellence (CoE) to teach these new skills to IT workers. These companies investing huge amount to train their employees. EdTech firm Edureka research and revealed through a survey that 50% of IT professionals quit learning new technologies mid-way.

The Edureka online survey covered 600 IT professionals, As 43% techies had given up on learning a new technology. The main reason cited for doing so was lack of self-motivation. As many as 22% said they give up learning new technologies and 32% say that they never give up.

Here are five reasons why IT professionals  don’t learn new tech skills.

1. I don’t required those skills
Most of the IT Professionals is working on an open source CMS platform like WordPress, Magento, he might not be interested in learning new skills like Python, AngularJS, ReactJS etc. Although several IT firms have started the learning classes and sessions tp pushing its employees to learn those technologies, but at the back of the mind they'll still feel they don’t need such IT skills.

2. I am not smart enough to learn
Another common reason why IT Professionals don’t learn new skills is that they feel they are not smart enough learn new skills. The step-by-step learning is so repressive in most skills that's y they give up way before they even develop their interest in the technology. 

3. I don’t have time to learn
Most of the IT professionals give the excuse of lack of time it should remember that learning is an investment in their own future. If they don’t take out time now, someone else will take your position and you will be not relevant  in demanding job.

4. I can’t afford to learn
Sometimes they think about the expensive Charges/fees of online courses but there are so many online platform.  However, you can always pick those skills from a popular online learning platform. You can find interesting challenges to evaluate your skills in a wide variety of programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. 

5. It’s too late to learn
The most common discussion among the IT professionals is that it is too late to learn, and someone will already have these skills. If you are motivated enough and interested, you can learn new skills at any age.

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Shailesh Kumar
profile Priyanka 20th November 2018

Nice article!!!

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