Which Shopify Apps You Absolutely Must Use

Which Shopify Apps You Absolutely Must Use

Running an eCommerce store is not what you think. It’s not like you run your personal blog. There are plenty of things you need to look after including secure checkout, email marketing, speed optimization, and shipments.

However, Shopify is a popular eCommerce solution that is loaded with plenty of useful and advanced powerful apps that will help you to run your Shopify store efficiently. For this reason, numerous eCommerce merchants highly prefer Shopify as their eCommerce platform.

In this post today, we’ll be listing down the 09 Shopify apps you absolutely must use in order to run your Shopify eCommerce store successfully.

So without any further ado, let’s dig in!


One of the greatest Shopify apps that’s best for online marketing is Seguno. It’s an excellent app that will help you to turn your new customers into regular shoppers. Seguno allows you to send welcome emails to new shoppers.

It also helps to generate thank you emails which builds your brand’s credibility. This is an extremely helpful application that will ensure that your buyers remember you for a long time.


  • The automated system sends thank-you and welcome emails.
  • Allows you to send custom newsletters to all your customers.
  • Offers a live countdown GIF.
  • Sends automated product review and feedback emails.
  • Provides a huge library of email templates
  • Easily integrates with MailChimp, Dynamic Banner Suite, Canva, Facebook Leads, etc.


Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO is an outstanding SEO plugin that ensures your website SEO is intact and monitors the SEO of your website closely. Once you have installed it, Plugin SEO will automatically start analyzing all the aspects of your site’s SEO including, speed, broken links, blog content, keywords, and SEO issues.

All in all, it frees you from checking all your web pages individually. We believe it’s one of the best and most recommended Shopify apps for SEO.


  • Offer templates to edit meta descriptions and titles in bulk.
  • Fix image ALT tags, headings, and filenames.
  • Provides keyword suggestions.
  • Easy to follow tutorials.
  • Send alerts to notify SEO eros.
  • Improve organic traffic.



One of our most favorite Shopify apps is Oberlo. Basically, it’s a dropshipping service that allows drop shippers to find products for selling them online. It’s a perfect app for those who use Shopify eCommerce solutions for their dropshipping business.


  • Allows finding products from suppliers globally to dropship.
  • Helps in shipping products from suppliers to customers directly.
  • You can track orders easily.
  • Update prices and stock levels automatically
  • Bulk ordering facility
  • List customization


OSI Affiliate Software

As you know, there are plenty of referral apps available in the market but OSI Affiliate Software is one of the best Shopify referral apps you’ll come across ever. Many digital marketers consider it the king of referral apps.

The detailed reporting feature is what most users love about this app. It helps Shopify sellers to make the right decision when they optimize their stores. Plus, it’s an amazing app that allows you to promote your products or services on social media communities like, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


The auto signup feature helps in turning your customers into affiliates.

Help in rewarding advocates using coupons, commissions, gift cards, discounts, etc.

The timed popups and exit intent help in converting visitors into regular customers.

Offers unlimited email templates.


Return Magic

No matter how outstanding your product quality or customer service is, there will be some customers who will come back to return products. Don’t worry, that’s pretty common. The average return rate is around 30%.

Apps like Return Magic helps in simplifying the return process for customers by allowing you to automate refunds through gift cards or cash.


  • Protect your profit.
  • Improve cash flow through gift card refunds.
  • Offer actionable insights.
  • Customize text, colors, and CSS.
  • Easily integrates with EasyPost, Shipstation, CanadaPost, Shippo, to name a few.

Referral Candy

When customers love your products and service they recommend your brand to others. That can be a great opportunity for you to increase your consumer base. To take advantage of it, you require a referral program

With Referral candy you can create customized referral programs for your Shopify store. It helps eCommerce sellers to drive referral sales and improve their conversion rate effectively.


  • Identify top referees and track sales.
  • No limits on redemptions or advocates.
  • Automated rewards payout system.
  • Integrates with marketing apps including Klaviyo, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, and Telegram.
  • Automated fraud protection.
  • Live chat support.



Abandoned carts are another area where you are losing business. There has been a considerable increase in cart abandonment during the previous few years. You may attract those clients to return to your web store and purchase the things they've previously examined by using PushOwl web push notifications.


  • Custom reporting and abandoned cart reminders
  • Segmentation builder and optimized delivery times
  • Personalized notifications and subscriber sync
  • Integrates with Judge. me, Fera.ai, In-Stock Alerts, Loox- Photo Reviews.


Jebbit enables you to develop visually appealing quizzes that your clients would like to take. These match quizzes, also known as shoppable quizzes, may assist customers in finding the right products in your store, moving them along the customer journey, and improving conversions and sales. You may create product matching quizzes, personality tests, basic surveys, lead generation forms, and more.

The visual builder in Jebbit allows you to easily sketch out and design these experiences. You can meet consumers where they shop and deliver tailored product suggestions that boost sales for your Shopify store with no-code design components and multichannel distribution.


  • Data analysis tools and data export.
  • Email marketing and live chat support.
  • Campaign and interaction tracking.
  • Supports Images/ Audio/ Video.



Upselling and cross-selling to your consumers is an excellent strategy to boost cart size and average purchase value. With ReConvert, you can create a personalized thank you page (also known as an order confirmation page) that converts new clients into recurring customers.

It lets you create your landing page with a drag-and-drop builder and access tools like countdown timers, tailored suggestions, post-purchase surveys, and reorder buttons to automatically re-engage clients who just purchased from your business.


  • Drag & drop interface
  • Discount pop-ups
  • Product recommendation
  • Personalized messages




Shopify has a lot of capability, and you can expand on it by using the numerous applications available in the Shopify store. While we recommend exploring the whole App Business, these 09 are some of the greatest Shopify applications for your online store.

These applications will undoubtedly assist you in increasing sales, retaining consumers, and building your eCommerce brand reputation.

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