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Top 5 HR Questions/Answers in Interviews

Are you preparing for the upcoming job interview? If the answer is a “Yes” than it is most important for you to be prepared for each question that may come through your way during the interview.

You must be prepared with the job interview questions that are quite common, as most hiring managers expect you to answer everything smoothly even without any hesitation.

There is no need to memorize everything for the answers but you should be prepared for giving on the spot reasoning for the asked queries.

Normally, your responses in the interview needs to be stronger so you need to prepare in advance and know about the effectiveness of the interview.

Preparing for the interview questions could be more challenging and it is most important to get the favour of the HR. Below are the simple and commonly asked questions that you can read to boost your confidence during the next interview.

Tell me something about yourself?

For this question, don’t tell about your favourite hobbies, playing video games or health issues. Provide a brief overview of yourself and it must not be more than two minutes. Tell about the experience and background related to the position. You can also tell about accomplishments that you have felt good about and how have you planned to prepare for the position.

For Example:

"I have 5 years of industry experience in advertisement and spent 2 years at Production Manager at ABC Corp with overseeing schedules, deadlines, and staff hiring. I know how to streamline the workflow and I find myself able to meet the deadline for every project. Sincerity and Time management are my greatest skills. I'm sure that I can easily transfer my ability into the Production Manager position that you are offering”

Why should we hire you?

This question mainly brings you the chance to wow HR by highlighting the reel. The answer needs to be summarized as the top three or four best reasons for hiring you. It is necessary to have strong reasons for the memorable description to tell the list of twelve strengths.

  • Industry experience

  • Experience in performing tasks

  • Technical skills

  • Soft skills

  • Key accomplishments

  • Awards/Accolades

Why are you looking for the change?

Emphasize your answer with the positive reasons targeting the job in the organization. You could also refer to specific tasks, work, employer, company and culture with your skills and interests. Focus on potential employer subtly with redirecting the conversation from previous work experience into strong potential.

What is your strength/weakness?

When it comes to strengthening your speech, you need to be specific on explaining the skills that identify your strength. Divide your strength into three categories such as

  • Knowledge-based skills

  • Transferable skills

  • Personal traits

For weakness, don’t say answers that could eliminate you from consideration for the job.

Why Did You Quit Your Job?

HR likes to ask this question as it would reveal more about the person.

  • Did you leave the position on voluntarily or have you got fired?

  • Do you have good terms with the company?

  • Do you have a valid reason for quitting your job?

Alter your responses accordingly after reviewing suggested responses below

For example:

I quit my job due to retirement of the supervisor and I felt that after years of working it was the time for a change. It also seems to be an ideal time for moving on.  

I didn't find the room to grow my talent with my previous employer.

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Ritu  Arora
profile Shailesh 20th July 2018

Nice article thanks for sharing it's really help us for the next interview.

11-10-2018 00:00

Your Welcome Shailesh

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