Resellers SEO - Everything You Need To Know

As the world turns into a virtual space, SEO is the only weapon that would help you dive through the digital space and make your presence felt. 


So, what exactly is SEO???


It is technically a way of making your digital presence felt by relevant backlinks and cross digital presence.


What is SEO reselling??


Understanding the power of SEO almost every digital marketing agency has embraced SEO services as one of the mandatory service offerings. However, not always all agencies have a team with SEO expertise. So how to handle clients and give them that digital presence???


The answer is tie-up with SEO resellers!


So, who are these resellers SEO?


These are agencies that sell all SEO services under one umbrella on a white-label basis. In short, these agencies are your invisible warriors who have a great network with writers, publishers and editors who help establish high-quality backlinks. 


Now that we know who SEO resellers are, it is essential to know the pros and cons that follow if you plan to sign up with one. 


The advantages:


  1. The first and the biggest advantage is that you get impeccable SEO services with any overhead costs of maintaining a team of SEO experts.
  2. When you have resellers SEO you can focus on your core business and leave the vast SEO realm to these experts. 
  3. As these agencies have a great network with the right mix of people, you can be assured of a focused digital branding that would help scale your business in the virtual space. 
  4. Tying up with these agencies help you get customized SEO services. In other words, based on your client's business and branding goals, you can with the help of these SEO resellers get the SEO services customized.

However, as they, "every coin has a flip side," dealing with these SEO resellers has its flip side too:


  1. Targets and results can sometime lead to choosing the wrong means to get that visibility. Therefore, you need to extremely careful while choosing the agency to ensure that they have authentic and legal ways of achieving SEO targets.
  2. When you are dealing with an external agency like these, there is always a probability that your client who feels that you are the agency may land up considering you as a middleman and may also land up directly approaching the reselling agency. 


Therefore, ideally, when you are opting for such an agency, you need to have a clear understanding of dealing with them. 

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