Recover Abandoned Carts & Boost Sales with Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension by Knowband

Knowband offers Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension which helps you in recovering the abandoned carts on your online store by sending automatic follow-up emails. The extension identifies and tracks all the abandoned carts on your eCommerce website and helps you convert the abandoned carts into sales through reminder emails.

With the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension by Knowband, you not only recover the lost sales due to cart abandonment but also improves the conversion rate of your online store. You can offer the left products on discount in the follow-up emails which can easily encourage your customers to come back to your store and complete their orders. Let's take a look at the benefits of the extension for your business:

Advantages of the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Follow-up extension:

1. The extension tracks all the left shopping carts on your store and displays them all in the back end under the View Abandoned Carts tab.

2. With the help of the Magento 2 Abandoned cart recovery email extension by Knowband, you can offer the products at a discounted price which can easily attract the customers to re-visit your online store and complete their purchases.

3. By sending regular follow-up emails to your customers, you can convert the abandoned carts of your eCommerce store into sales.

4. The Magento 2 Email Follow up extension helps you improve the conversion rate and the overall sales of your business by recovering the lost sales due to cart abandonment.

5. After regaining the lost sales, you also regain your potential customers who will again prefer your online shop if they need the same kinds of products again.

Major Features of the Magento 2 Reduce Cart Abandonment extension by Knowband:

1. Sends Automatic Follow-up Emails: The extension sends the follow-up emails automatically without any manual efforts. You can easily set the time delay after which the reminder emails will be sent automatically to the customers.

2. Customizable Email Templates: The Magento 2 Cart Abandoned extension offers ready-made email templates that can be easily modified from the back end. However, you can also create new templates as per your needs and requirements. The emails can be discounted as well as non-discounted.

3. View Abandoned Carts and Converted Carts: All the tracked abandoned carts and converted carts can be checked and viewed at the back end of the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart reminder extension by Knowband.

4. Awesome Analytics tab: You can compare both the abandoned carts and the converted carts from sending follow-up emails in graphical form from the Analytics tab. This way, you can get a better insight into the performance.

5. Popup Reminder: The Magento 2 Cart Serial Reminder allows you to remind your customers about their left orders by displaying a Popup as soon as they log-in to their accounts. You can choose various templates for the Popup and can even create new ones.

6. Web Browser Notifications: You can also send your customers web browser notifications to your customers for their left orders.

7. Test mode: You can review all the reminder emails with the Test mode feature before sending them to your customers.

Customer Benefits of the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension by Knowband:

1. The customer gets reminded about their left products in the cart if they mistakenly left the product unpurchased on the eCommerce store.

2. The customer gets an extra discount on their product from the reminder emails.

3. The customer can directly go to the shopping cart page by clicking the link in the email. He doesn't have to search the product and add to cart from the scratch.

4. The customers can complete their incomplete orders with the mobile devices also as the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension is fully mobile responsive.


For more information, please click the links below:

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart product page

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart user manual

Admin Demo

Front-end Demo

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