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top 10 BPO Services Provider Companies in Delhi

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The new and improved life after COVID-19

The new and improved life after COVID-19

The new CORONAVIRUS with a silver lining

While we focus on all that is going wrong in our lives due to the new Coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic, it is also time for us to realize that how our lives will be changing for better after all this is over. 

The new coronavirus or COVID 19 is out loose, we are sitting home and wondering what the tourism dragged in. 

It is easy to have the glass half empty attitude but we must look at the other half of the glass as well.

We know that our ways of living will change forever but there are certainly somethings that will for sure changed for the better. 

While we are inside our homes, we have had the time to do things that we normally would not think about including in our daily schedules because we were busy chasing the routine we have developed over the years. We are now still, thinking and contemplating how negligent we have been of our surroundings, of the people around us, of nature and our very own health. 

We have had the chance to stop and take a minute to consider that all this time we have been running. Running to school, running to college, running to work, and then running back home, leaving us no time to properly eat, drink, exercise, or rest. 

During this time that we are stuck at home it has allowed us to reconnect to people and ourselves in ways we never thought we could. 

From baking to spending time with your loved ones and watching movies. Helping people in need and helping the elderly.  Over the years the youth has always been held accountable for their carefree lifestyle habits, we have seen the role reversal where the youth is mindful of their parents and the elderlies, helping them in household work and getting the basic necessary items for those who can’t do it for themselves

There are massive shifts in the lives of the people due to COVID 19 that are not under anyone’s control anymore, but there is always a silver lining. 

The silver lining is the better ways in which life will change for good post-COVID 19. 


The Revival of Mother Nature. 

We have witnessed how nature has been able to heal itself from the damage the humans and their practices have caused over the years. 

Animals are coming out of hiding, birds that were long forgotten are chirping, aquatic life coming back to where they belonged once. All this has been possible as we are confined in our homes and let the earth breathe free after decades of negligence in the name of evolution. 

Witnessing how small changes can help us fight some of the issues of climate change just by being a little mindful of the environment and focusing on sustainability, we can look forward to the better days for our mother nature.


As we are practicing social distancing we are now more than ever realizing how important it is to socialize and to be surrounded by your friends and family and not having to worry about risking them and yourself of getting infected by the new coronavirus or COVID 19.

But in the Modern days that we live in currently, we are fortunate enough that we have technology at our disposal that has made the distance smaller and made it possible for us to connect with our loved ones and also during this time we have had the chance to reconnect with the ones who we had once lost touch with due to our busy life schedule. 

As we reconnected with them, we cherish the times that we have spent talking to them, reliving the memories, and making plans for the future once the pandemic is under control. 

We have had the chance to connect and have a new hope to stay connected with our near and dear ones after the war with the new coronavirus or COVID 19 is over.

Mindfulness for others

We have come across news and social media posts and stories about a lot of underprivileged people who were facing difficulty due to their financial and living situations in the times of lockdown. People have stepped up to help the needy. Whether it is offering financial help, food, shelter, educating them about social distancing and proper sanitization, or distributing masks for free.

The world has always been only about individuality and selfish ways of living but during this time people have adapted the new way of living. Offering a helping hand to those who need it.

Social distancing themselves if they feel unwell, keeping in mind that they might infect someone around them.

The mindfulness for others will take us a long way to a better society where we consider not only ourselves but the people around us.


Importance of Health

Our health is at stake right now. And at this time it is suitable to say Health is Wealth. We have been reminded of how important it is for us to stay healthy and practice proper hygiene.   

The world has been fighting the war with this invisible enemy for more than 5-6 months now. It has forced us to improve our hygiene habits. We are constantly reminded to wash our hands, keeping in mind what we touch, sanitizing our produce, and wearing face masks everywhere we go. 

It has now become a part of our routine life. Before stepping out we make sure we carry a sanitizer and wear a face mask and often gloves. This is a habit that will now be a part of the post-COVID 19 days as well. Practicing proper hygiene in public is now obligatory for everyone


Healthcare and insurance

Every country is trying to develop the vaccine and battling the invisible enemy that is COVID 19 or the new coronavirus. It has made us all realize how important it is to have a proper healthcare system and health insurance policies in our country.   

Healthcare and insurance are often neglected but now there will be better and revised policies for healthcare and health insurance for the nations to work on. 

Post-COVID 19, the healthcare system will no longer be sidelined but will be given the importance it deserves. 

Spending habits

As the country is under lockdown we are facing some major fall back in our economy.

This will affect everyone, irrespective of class. We are aware that there will be a high rate of unemployment and considering this there will be lifestyle habits people might have to let go of. People will have to reconsider their spending habits and re-evaluate what is a necessity for them and what is just another impulse buy. 

The Friday night drinks and the weekend parties will now be a little less important as they will come under the expenditure which can be sacrificed. 

People will learn to live more economically. People will invest and spend their hard-earned money wisely.


Self-reliant nation

As the new policies introduced by the Indian government it is a revolutionary step in the direction of making India a self-reliant nation. This means that the majority of the products and services that were brought in India from abroad will be now manufactured locally and it will also promote local distribution. Hence supporting the campaign ‘#vocalforlocal’

This will help the citizens to have the opportunity to be part and uplift the local manufactures and business owners. The Make In India Project is now not a very far fetched dream. The PPE (Personal Protection Equipments) and Masks are being manufactured in India now. 

This will also be a step towards putting a restrain on the mass consumption tendency of the masses. There will be some significant changes in the globalization practice and how India will be a part of it.

The Post COVID 19 India will be a self-reliant nation with the  Mission Self Reliant India on the move.

The road to recovery from Covid19 may be long and unpredictable, but selfless corona warriors are making the way to recovery with the help of technology and healthcare. 

The advancements achieved in technology, research, and healthcare over the decades will follow through and there will soon be an end of COVID 19 or the new coronavirus battle.

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Simran Srivastava

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