Most Popular Java Web Development Frameworks Of 2022

As Java has developed over the years, multiple attempts were made to simplify development for diverse use cases. From legit requirements like Java Enterprise Edition to community-driven frameworks, Java web development is continuing to prove itself to be adaptable and possible. 

Java is always there for you with a large number of frameworks and most importantly most of the Java frameworks are free and open-source. Frameworks are tools with pre-written code, that act as a template or skeleton, which can be reused to create an application by simply filling together with code as we wanted which enables developers to program their software and not use an overhead creating each line of code again and again from scratch.


Here Are Some Popular Java Web Development Frameworks:

  1. Spring

Spring is a powerful, lightweight, and most famous framework which makes Java quicker, easier, and more secure to use. This framework is very popular amongst developers for its speed, simplicity, and productiveness which facilitates the creation of enterprise-level web programs with complete ease.

  1. Google web toolkit


Google web toolkit is a famous open-source Java framework used by a huge number of developers around the world for developing and optimizing complex browser-primarily based data. This framework is used for the productive development of excessive-performance complex web data without being a professional in front-end technology like JavaScript or responsive design. It converts Java code into JavaScript code that's the best feature of GWT.

  1. JSF (Java Server Faces)

As JSF is a part of the Java web development standard, it is popular amongst developers who want to stick to standards for increased portability across platforms. JSF additionally allows existing backend Java code to be extended with a web interface without having to refactor the application by introducing a new framework.

A simple JSF software requires a Managed Bean, Facelet, and mapping the servlet.


  1. Grails

Grails is a dynamic full-stack Java framework based on the MVC design pattern. which is easy to learn and most suitable for beginners. Grails is an object-oriented language that enhances developer productivity.


Many popular Java Web development frameworks can be used for developing applications. These top 4 frameworks are the top choices of developers. But before choosing the right framework for you, be thorough with its working properly. That will help you a lot.


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