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6 Mistakes you should avoid in your career

1. Do not be overcommitted

 Sometimes as a responsibility we commit for the work which is not possible on the same day 

and in last we came with some excuse that this work is not completed because this work takes time.

This will make your boss to think on your capability and your skills, So do not be over-commit  for the 

things,give a perfect timeline to finish the work.

This will make people to believe on your skills and capability. 


 2. Be a single dimensional Person

 You are probably a uni-dimensional person, but this is only good and healthy from your job perspective where you have to introduce yourself to other people with various characters.  

 To gain perspective, invest in relationships, hobbies and in self-reflection by spending a few hours of a week for yourself. Lack of balance in life makes you ineligible for senior management roles.


 3. Being all about ‘the money’

 While moving in your career do not think only about money. Think about your interest and your passion.

Do not change your job just because they offer you some good package but you should care about your 

Thoughts, skills and interest that will make your new role perfect for your career.


 4. Ignoring relationships for work because of work

 Due to the pressure of work it is not good to ignore your relationship.

Try to maintain proper work life balance.

Proficiency in both interpersonal skills and technical skills insures your success.


5. Welcome the new changes

 Always welcome to new changes in technology and new ideas, Learn new skills, new ideas 

instead of refusing the new changes.


6. Loosing  confidence

 When  you have  self-doubt or worried about your capabilities then the

  biggest hurdle to getting ahead in your career is usually you. Speak up and volunteer for opportunities,

 rather than moving out of challenges. Keep yourself busy in work so there is no time for fear.

If your worst fears come ahead then  focus on learning outcomes instead of failing


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Aditya Singh
profile Hiren Dangar D 4th May 2016

Do not ignoring relations but what type of relations?

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profile vineet 14th February 2016

Ignoring relations is most common mistake in our career. Thanks LetsknowIT

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