Issues You Can Avoid In The Workplace By Organizing Your Cables

Think of an average office workplace. What is the biggest health hazard to staff? What is the biggest issue with productivity? Is the office too cold or overheated? Is it inadequate lighting?

Nope, it's badly placed cables!

Cables are the lifeblood of any office, and if you have computers, printers, or scanners, there are going to be a lot of cables. And while it may seem unimportant, the arrangement of the cables will play a huge part in the effectiveness of the office.

So, what are some of the issues that can be avoided by making sure your workplace cables are organized correctly?

Staff Falls

Starting with the most obvious advantage of having workplace cable management is that it will reduce injuries in the workplace.

As many as 1 in 3 people who have worked in an office have reported that they have tripped over a badly placed wire at one time or another, which is not great for staff health and safety. So, keep the cables hidden, keep them organized and keep your staff safe!


Cables are designed to be hardy, but if they are tangled and clumped together, they are more likely to become damaged. A damaged cable isn't going to work as well, may cause issues with productivity, and is going to cost money to replace.

By having a cable organization system, the cables are not going to be tangled or clumped. Thus, the inner wires of the cable are not going to get damaged or twisted, meaning a longer lifespan for these essential pieces of office equipment.

Incorrect Placement

It happened to almost everyone who had a desktop computer in the 1990s. You have a cable that you want to plug in for a printer or a scanner, but due to the mess of cables at the back of the computer, you end up placing this cable into the wrong place and thus become frustrated that it isn't working.

Funny if it happens at home, but not so funny if it happens in the office. This incorrect placement of cables due to a clumped arrangement of cables can cost time to resolve, and time is money. So, get those cables arranged properly!

Dead Cables

Dead cables are exactly what they sound like; they are cables that are still connected to a piece of technology, but they don't work. What is the issue with that? Well, they are taking up space that could be used by a cable that works, and they may inadvertently be affecting productivity. If a member of your office team cannot get a piece of machinery to work due to a dead cable being clumped in with a tonne of cables that work, you may be losing staff hours trying to resolve the issue.

Fire Risk

Yes, having your cables unorganized and scattered in the workplace can increase the fire risk. Consider if you have cables that are lumped together; as they are used (especially on a hot day), they will heat up. All that then needs to happen is one of the unmaintained cables that may have a wire sticking out touches a flammable surface, and voila. You now have a fire.

Keeping your cables organized can avoid this; regular maintenance will allow you to spot the damaged cable, and of course, they will not be clumped together.

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