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Do's and Don’ts of a Resume

Job search in the modern world has become quite competitive these days. Therefore, it is most important to catch the recruiter’s attention amongst so many eligible candidates.

The resume is the first impression for all the recruiters so it is important to improve the look of the resume to attract them. Unique and attractive resume stand out alone in the success of the interview.

Resume must be easier to read and it is necessary to be kept across appropriate length for the work experiences. In fact, you need to submit the attractive resume for showing your ability to the recruiter in the clear form and this will help you to convey your abilities without any confusion.

Resume must not be understated in its ability to get you a job and thus writing a good resume is quite important to impress the recruiter in a more efficient manner.

Below are some of the Dos and Don’ts in the resume that you need to follow:


  • Customizing Your Resume:

You need to tailor-made your document according to every position when you apply for different jobs. Edit it by highlighting the relevant qualification experience, as well as the important information that is more related to the job that you are applying for. Normally, the Employers use the screening software for scanning the documents for keywords which helps them to easily follow job listing based on the phrasing.

  • Highlighting Most Relevant Experiences:

Resume writing should offer a different version according to each of the role that you apply for with a target position. The resume needs to demonstrate the specific set of skills, accomplishments, and experience necessary for particular job. Therefore, it will make quite easier for the hiring manager or recruiter to easily know about the quality of the person who fits in.

  • Show Off Tech Skills:

The resume can be accurately summarized using software and technologies. It is necessary to show off about the tech skills to the recruiters which would be beneficial for providing the best impression to the recruiters.

  • Highlighting Your Achievements:

Listing your achievements or past positions is the most important part of the resume. Mention all the projects that you have worked upon in your career. The recruiter would know about the individual capabilities after viewing the highlighted points in an easy manner.

  • Optimize For Applicant Tracking Systems:

Applicant Tracking Systems are suitable these days for getting rid of the unqualified applicants. Applicant Tracking Systems can scan the resume for the contextual keywords as well as the phrases. So optimise the resume according to these tracking systems.


  • Don't Put Personal Information:

It is not best to display the personal information on the Resume such as photo, height, marital status, religious affiliation or Social Security number. You must not be exposing yourself conscious and unconscious bias.

  • Worry About  Exact Dates:

You may not remember the exact day you started job previously and it is quite difficult to say about them in the least manner. You may instead use the starting month and year of the previous job for more surety during the interview.

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Ritu  Arora

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