Does your eCommerce store has these popular Prestashop Addons

Do you have an eCommerce store built on the Prestashop platform? If you just said yes, I am sure you're really happy about choosing Prestashop for your store. Prestashop is one of the most simple and easy-to-use platforms with a secure environment. Thus, there are thousands of websites built using the platform. Prestashop offers numerous modules and themes from which you can choose the ones required by your store.      

In addition to the Prestashop platform, do you have Prestashop addons by Knowband? Knowband has earned the title of most trusted seller of Prestashop modules. Moreover, is a Premium Partner agency with the Gold Agency status. According to the PrestaShop's module developer ranking framework, Knowband has a Superhero vendor position that is the most elevated positioning for the module makers. So, if you haven't chosen Knowband yet, this is the right time.   

So, now the question is - Does your eCommerce store has these popular Prestashop Addons?   

You might say - which Prestashop addons are popular?    

Well, this blog is the answer to that question. Take a look below to find out the popular Prestashop addons by Knowband at the Addons Store.   

Popular Prestashop addons by Knowband   

Popular PrestaShop Addon By Knowband

  1. Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension   

We all know that One Page Checkout is a necessity in today's time for any eCommerce store. If you don't have a single page checkout, you are seriously missing out on a lot. How? Well, visitors/customers don't like a checkout process that goes on long. Hence, only the important steps should include in the same.   

You can do that by optimizing your checkout page with the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout. With features like Guest Checkout (no compulsion of account creation), Social login (login or sign up via Facebook or Google), and others, and others are there. You can simply configure the module, choose from the layouts available and create a desirable checkout page.   

  1. Prestashop Abandoned cart module   

The next in line is the Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up addon. There are times when the customers add products to the cart and exit the store. This process is called abandoning the cart. Well, cart abandonment is not a good thing for the store. Hence, the Prestashop Email Follow up module helps you through. How? The Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder sends serial reminders to the customers who've abandoned their cart. The reminders may or may not include motivations (discount coupons) to complete their order.   

The feature-rich Prestashop addon makes sure that the abandoned cart rate of your store decreases. With this Prestashop Abandoned cart module, the admin can send innumerable Push Notifications to the customers encouraging them to come back. In addition, the email is also sent (as we discussed earlier).   

  1. Prestashop Mobile App Builder      

So, let us assume that your eCommerce website is working fabulous and the customers are loving what you provide. However, do you think that websites are the last resort? In the era of mobiles, why would you want to miss out on having a larger audience that can access your goods and service anytime? Having an eCommerce mobile app sounds wise here. With the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app, you can build a fully functional app for your customers. Knowband features Prestashop Android app builder and Prestashop iOS app builder in one module.   

The Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension helps you customize and configure an app that boasts about your brand. You can easily list your products, design your Home Screen layout, send unlimited Push Notifications and do much more. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder is the best way to target a wider audience and also increase your revenue.   

  1. Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module   

Have you have been wanting to take your eCommerce business to the next level? You can do that by converting your store into a multi-vendor marketplace. The Prestashop Marketplace Addon is the right choice when you want sellers to come on board and sell their products on your marketplace. In addition, in return, you can charge a fixed percentage commission to the merchants. Moreover, make membership plans dependent on multiple conditions.   

If you want to have a better understanding of a multi-seller marketplace, the best examples would be Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others. With the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module, you can simply accept or decline seller requests, list products, configure shipping and payment methods, and much more.    

  1. Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module      

As I mentioned earlier about the example of the popular marketplaces, Etsy is one of them. With the motive of selling arts and crafts, Etsy has about 61 million shoppers. Do you need another reason to integrate your store with Etsy?   

With the help of the Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon, you can start selling on the marketplace effortlessly. The Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon allows you to personalize your store, cater to a gigantic audience, enhance customer engagement, and do much more. In addition, you can create, edit or delete profiles, list products in bulk, add shipping methods, and more.   

  1. Prestashop Back in Stock Notification module

As the name suggests, the Prestashop product stock notification addon notifies the customers when the product comes back in stock. Furthermore, this happens for the products that the customer has subscribed for by clicking the "Notify Me" option.   

Losing a customer just because the product was not in stock is not what you or any eCommerce marketer wants. The Prestashop back in stock notification Addon is all about engaging the customer when the product that they like goes out of stock. In addition, the module also sends a notification when the same product is running low in stock.    


So, which of these popular Prestashop addons would you like to install in your store? All these modules help engage your customers. In addition, there are numerous benefits of including them in your store. For instance, great customer satisfaction increased sales and revenues and much more.

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Ebenezer Etsey

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