Indexing through Command line Magento1.x

Reindexing in Magento1.X through Command line:

Sometimes we need to re-index Magento through command line to avoid the broken process from Magento Interface.

On our Magento root folder we have shell directory that contains indexing script.

Go to your magento root folder then shell folder and run below commands:

1. php indexer.php --status 

 If you are indexing on xamp local throwing  error like "PHP is not a recognized command" you can run command like below

 E:/xamp/php/php.exe indexer.php --status 

 It will show you status of all the indexers like below.


2. To reindex a single index, we need to run the below command

  php indexer.php --info 

 It will provide you the key of all indexers as below and to run any of indexer we  use below syntax.

  php indexer.php --reindex [Index Code]

  php indexer.php --reindex catalog_product_price,catalog_url


   E:/xamp/php/php.exe indexer.php catalog_product_price,catalog_url


3. To reindex all

   php indexer.php --reindexall


   E:/xamp/php/php.exe indexer.php --reindexall

It will output like this


0   0
Sikha Goel

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