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7 Top Tips on Interviewing During Lockdown

7 Top Tips on Interviewing During Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed the way companies used to operate their work. Due to the lockdown situation, most companies are still managing their work from home. However, working from home has become extremely challenging for an organization to control every task and that too on digital platforms. For instance, conducting interviews remotely, hiring the candidates, analyzing their skills, assigning tasks, and others have turned into a daunting prospect. Moreover, companies have no other alternatives but to adopt the new normal.

Likewise, applicants who have been scheduled to appear in an interview with various organizations are also struggling. Adapting the interview protocol while staying home is pretty difficult for the freshers and interviewers. If you find it relatable and facing the same problem during the interview process, here we've discussed some useful tips on interviewing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are the top 7 remote interview tips which will help you if you are preparing for an online interview-

Be Punctual

If you are asked to attend an interview, make sure you arrive five minutes early. This will help you to feel less nervous and bring your positive attitude if necessary. Apart from this, don't forget to carry your notes with you to read through in case you need them for support at this time. If you are attending a video interview, make sure you have access to the video conferencing tool, check it is working, be online before the scheduled interview time and have your notes handy in case you need to refer back to them.

Dress-up Properly

You might have thought of dressing casually while preparing for your interview. If yes, then you're absolutely wrong. If you are ready for the interview, you should dress up completely and dress like you are about to go and meet your interviewer in person. This is also advisable for candidates to avoid wearing the top half of yourself only. Wear a simple white shirt or blouse with either a skirt or smart trousers, keeping your look simple and professional.

Make Sure you’re ready for the Interview

Before proceeding further make sure you are at least 10 minutes before the interview. By the time, ensure everything is in the right place which includes the equipment you will be using for the interview. If you will be well-prepared before your interview, this gives you an opportunity to rest and show that you are ready to begin the interview.


Don't forget to Maintain an Eye-Contact

One of the most important tips is to maintain proper eye contact throughout the duration of the interview. Although many of you might be camera conscious or maybe it's your first time to appear on professional VC. It is still vital to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. This will show you are attentive and focused approach towards the interview session.


Keep your CV next to you

Make sure you have a copy of your CV next to you printed out, rather than on the screen. There are chances that the interviewer can ask you anything from your CV and in case he found you distracted flicking between different screens throughout the interview, it will look unprofessional. Preferably, have your CV by your side and make it cognizant to the interviewer that you will be relating to it if required.


Do Proper Research on a Company and the Position

Display the current knowledge about the organization and the position you've applied throughout the interview. This is the best way to showcase your skills and stand out during your remote interview. It will show that you have taken the time to research and familiarise yourself and that you want the job.


Say Thank You or Follow Up

Last but not least! At the end of the interview, make sure you've sent an email thanking the interviewer for the interview and their valuable time. This will reflect you are keenly interested in the position and that you look forward to finding out if you are thriving in getting the position.

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