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17 points to be the best Talent Acquisition HR in your organisation

17 points to be the best Talent Acquisition HR in your organisation

Being an HR Manager is not a piece of cake. It takes much more than acquiring a Degree in it and way more than just an easy-breezy job. And if you ask about a hiring manager, then that takes a long list to understand what makes them suited enough to be one.

Being a hiring manager and an HR who has other responsibilities has a long list of differences. Talent acquisition has become way difficult for the HRs and any random qualified cannot take up with their responsibilities and skills to be one. Lets’ discuss what it takes to be a Sharp minded and a near-perfect Hiring Recruiter:

Broad Vision in Mind

Having a clear understanding of the company goals, mission and strategy help in considering the perfect candidate for the position. Understand their skills, character, interest, and experience while deciding. Keep questioning whether this is through every corner of the organization or not.

Keep a strong hand of the sources you receive from the candidates. Use marketing tactics and re modify the job ads used. Stay updated with the hiring news and alert and learn from the competitors' strategy.

A good recruiter is the one who does not perform his daily routine tasks and meet deadlines. He/she makes sure that the company has good people and they provide every source to keep them retained. Having experience in multiple domains and backgrounds helps an HR to learn and be worthy.

Keep eyes and ears open every time

A hiring manager must have an ultra level of judging the book by its cover kind of talent. Meaning, if they come through a marketing profile resume, they must expect that the overly mentioned content is obvious.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are perfect for the job. They must read between the lines and find proof that the skills of the candidate perfectly match what they need for the organization.

Go ahead with operational, psychological and behavioral questions with the candidates. They must appraise new, out of the box kind of talent suit. They must ask for the specific projects and activities which were allotted to the candidate.


Be Open to New Technology and Tools

As an HR you need to understand that the old school ways could be improved or refined to answer adaptable ones. One must be open to learn and gather the learning they must have. This keeps them informed about the industry and the market. Keep researching about upskilling yourself over a period of time and improve your own market value

Conduct Surveys

Conduct a survey and feedback form mechanism in order to learn about the customer or client. Even if you complete the interview, prepare a questionnaire and ask them simple questions on

  • what was the difficulty faced throughout the interview, 
  • what were your expectations, 
  • how would you rate the interview, etc.

As qualitative questions in a different non-straightforward manner top get their reviews. Record such suggestions and work on using them as effective tools to use while taking another interview.

Sit with the teams whose candidates you are hiring for

Sit with the team for which you are hiring the candidate. Listen to the kind of quality they want onboard and test the same level of confidence from the candidate.


There is a pattern in hiring or recruiting people for the organization. Over the years, people have adapted to such patterns and found it robust and effective.

Resilience is one of the most important characteristics of an HR must-have. I repeat MUST. You must be working on something for more than a week. It would be something to bring together the client and the candidate. And sooner you get them on board, things work in anticlockwise motion and go out of control. Either the reference check shows loopholes or the candidate takes up a counteroffer and things may fall flat.

Breathe and toughen yourself to deal with the situation. Be strong to understand the loopholes and develop a better why why analysis

Growing Network-Relationship

There has been more successful growth in hiring HR when they have built a strong connection in this networking over a relevant platform. Suggesting a few must be LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more. The bigger the network, the easier it is to facilitate the entire hiring process.

Building better relations and skills to develop are helpful in making a strong network. You always need to have a relationship with clients and candidates. This helps in understanding them and finding information that eases the decision making of having partnerships stand firm or not. Invest time to build a good relationship with fellow colleagues as well both inter and intra organization.

Being Honest

Understanding Perception sometimes gets us misleading, With advanced digital tools, HRs must find unethical tactics conducted by the agencies.  This creates mistrust among the candidates to opt for the organization on the grounds that they may be using the same method to hire people. Always appreciate the honesty and integrity of whatever channel approaches


The more a hiring HR has flexible skills, the more they are adaptable to a changing environment. It should not come as difficult for a recruiter if such happens, will be difficult for concluding further process.

Active Listener

Being an active listener is something that is rare to find, well it's rare to imbibe as a skill. But it should not be difficult for an HR to acquire. Listening is one of the core qualities of successful recruiters. It makes them go through the depth of the client’s interests and motives.

HRs learn candidates’ top priority and play with them using that bone effectively. Even more than that, the inserts and their exact needs. An active Listener, if an HR, will automatically get relevant Questions to ask and understand what matters the most to the candidate.

Time Management

Successful recruiters understand the pie charting skills of distribution of time, See, shifting priorities based on the list of jobs to be done must go in hand with dedicated time. Being productive in the first half of the day is really essential than listing your daily routine.

One important thing that a recruiter needs to know is which email has to be reverted back and given importance and which one has to be pressed with lesser priority. Be result driven and moderately critical with time management.

Persistent and Consistent

HR culture always advocates being persistent and straying consistent. It takes a proper time frame for a recruiter to hire a candidate for the position. It takes correct temperament, selection procedure and calm decision making for the recruiter to make a call for the selection of the right candidate. Being aggressive, short-tempered and restless cost losing credibility and affects the reputation.


This should not come as a surprise for you that a good recruiter must have marketing skills. Unless the recruiter markets the organizations’ achievements, perks, and advantages, they cannot absorb or lure in the potential candidates. 

This is done by Branding the employer, elaborating the job description, and communicating the company’s product, mission, and goals. Accordingly, they need to understand what drives them for the organization and could shift their focus and concentration towards them


One of the key tools and techniques any HR has to imbibe is to be skeptical. If you do not have the ability to question everything, you will not understand the depth of the profile;e you are applying for

There will be a lot of questions which you need to question as like;

  • What kind of skills and knowledge this does position need?
  • What are the additional characteristic traits the candidate needs to possess?
  • How to identify such characteristics in a candidate?

The more you question, the more you understand the need to know more. Hence an innate curiosity and skepticism will be able to discover each step you need to trace further.


A good recruiter must always have a competitive nature to want to be the best and hire the best, all the time! The majority of the HR people are service-oriented to an optimum level. They are providing services to both employees and the organization. 


But they also need to have a shade of competitiveness. This trait must have an intensity depending on the kind of project they undertake

False Extroversion

Before does the term False Extraversion means.

So there are two kinds of people, Introverts and Extroverts;  The ones who are less comfortable coming in social contact with strangers are Introverts and the ones who are active in social gatherings, feel more energized when interacting with strangers, are extroverts.

False extroverts are the ones disguised as extroverts! A false extrovert is someone who has a tendency to be an extrovert to dissolve in with the crowd.

This makes them good listeners to the candidate who is introverted themselves. Being false extrovert gives them patience for letting the candidate break the shell and be who they are.

There is a small point that goes subsidiary with false extroverts and that is networking. Building contacts and finding the best resources and candidates for the organization

Adaptable to situations

Good recruiters must be adaptable. Sometimes it necessary to “roll with the punches”. They need to understand that different positions require different sets of people and how to deal with them at their comfort level.

They need to adapt to changing methods of using hearing and communication channels for a manager as well as for a clerk. This must have a different format for a marketer and an operations person. They must be courageous enough to shift to the newer kind of questions and hiring techniques, understanding the strengths and weaknesses

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