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Do's and Don’ts of a Resume

Job search in the modern world has become quite competitive these days. Therefore, it is most important to catch the recruiter’s attention amongst so many eligible candidates.

The resume is the first impression for all the recruiters so it is important to improve the look of the resume to attract them. Unique and attractive resume stand out alone in the success of the interview.

Resume must be easier to read and it is necessary to be kept across appropriate length for the work experiences. In fact, you need to submit the attractive resume ... Read More

How to Build a Mentally Healthy Working Culture

In general, mental health is one of the most important aspect to be taken care within the organization because employees with mental health issues can create a lot of problems in the work functioning.

When it comes to creating healthy working environment it is important to provide appropriate support to your employees for managing your organizational needs.

Obviously, there are different things that happen around in an office or organization through which workers have to deal in any case. And this may lead to various mental health problems including... Read More

Skills You Need To Succeed At Work

We are living in a constantly changing world. Due to these changes, the expectations from the
workforce is also gradually altering at an exceptional rate. Skills have become quite a necessary
tool to become successful at your workplace.

In the previous years, people used to work for many years in a single job but now candidates are
switching to another job within three to five years time. The skills required for the successful
career are also gradually changing.

Some of the important skills whi... Read More

Top 5 HR Questions/Answers in Interviews

Are you preparing for the upcoming job interview? If the answer is a “Yes” than it is most important for you to be prepared for each question that may come through your way during the interview.

You must be prepared with the job interview questions that are quite common, as most hiring managers expect you to answer everything smoothly even without any hesitation.

There is no need to memorize everything for the answers but you should be prepared for giving on the spot reasoning for the asked queries.

Normally, yo... Read More

How to Detect Android Devices using jQuery?

var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
    var isAndroid = ua.indexOf("android") > -1; //&& ua.indexOf("mobile");
    if(isAndroid) {
      // Do something and write code here!        
      // below code is example        
 &... Read More