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Boost Your Self Confidence In Life


Confidence always gives you complete power to conquer the world. Normally, Self-confident people would be greatly admired by others with bringing more confidence in life. Confident people tend to face their fear head-on with taking the risk. No matter how big the problem or obstacle comes in the way, confident people have the ability to easily get past them. People who tend to see their lives in the positive light anytime and typically satisfie... Read More

Set Interval Of Multiple Divs in HTML Along With Common Loop For All Set

Hello Guys It's a long time back ago to share my knowledge source and real time challenge that i have faced in my company, Now I am Back With Another Interesting Topic to share with you. This is basically about the set interval function of JavaScript wrapped in a loop of three div set. The Most Simple way of scrolling images is using slider is to use multiple plugins from any site. But What happen when someone asks you to scroll all images simultaneously in a common div set and repeat next div after some interval. Here Is my experience with following demo example that i have create... Read More

how do we print square of numbers

How do we print square of numbers that is 1,4,9,16,25 and so on using php please reply thank you.

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Program to print this series.


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Where we use PHP

Where we use PHP?


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