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Autoloading Classes

 While writing object-oriented programming we have to include class files to call the method of the classes.

Sometimes we have to include a long list of needed includes (one for each class) at the beginning of each script.

Now, in PHP5 there is no longer necessary to includes classes. In PHP5 the spl_autoload_register function registers any number of autoloaders , enabling for classes and interfaces to be automatically loaded if they are not defined, PHP is given a last chance to load the class before throwing error.

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Need of object oriented programming (OOP)

Need of object oriented programming (OOP)


When we are going to work with classes and objects we always think why there is need of classes and object although without classes and objects our code works well. But after some work on classes and objects we think, yeah its better to work with classes and objects .And then we can understand that Object oriented Programming is better than procedural Programming.

Object oriented programming req... Read More

CSS insert in database

How to insert CSS in phpmyadmin database and how to get CSS in the database




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PHP latest release 5.6.12

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of  PHP 5.6.12 on 6th August 2015.
In this version the 12 security-related issues were fixed .
Issues of SOAP, GD, MCrypt, PCRE etc, has been fixed in this version
All PHP 5.6 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.
We can download the latest version of PHP from download page and the changes logs are ... Read More

Rating Issue

  Hi everyone, am trying to save and display the textbox color after select change in php and html. After selecting Selfrating1 ie "Good", the textbox T11 suppose to change to "Green" color. After submit button the textbox color supposed to be save in mysql and display on the form. The Selfrating1 can be save and display but the textbox color goes back to black and it doesn't save in the mysql.

Actually what suppose to happen is:
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